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A polished life is a clean one, so waterless services, hospital-grade sterilization, single-use tools, and clean air filtration are our basics.

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"NYC-based nail studio GLOSSLAB is thriving thanks to its unique waterless services."

"If you are on TikTok or IG, and you have seen celebrities and influencers getting their nails done, they are most likely at Glosslab. Glosslab is the new “it” spot for manicures and any celebrity sightings."

"Known for its insanely good nail art (and in-tune, modern approach to the nail studio experience), Glosslab is everyone's favorite. Real talk: The studio features an array of designs that'll speak to whichever mood you're in. What's more, they're waterless, meaning they've ditched the use of water completely and get brownie points for being hygienic and sustainable."