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207 E 84th St
New York, NY 10028

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M-F: 8AM-8PM

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the unlimited perks


(Regular + Gel)

As many manis as you can fit in a month? Weekend trips, business meetings, and date nights just got a lot more stylish.


(Regular + Gel)

Not only will you enjoy pampering on repeat, your toes will always be perfectly polished and soft to the touch. That’s what we call luxury.

Touch ups + polish changes

Need to fix a chip? Want your color to match your outfit? Just in the mood to switch things up? It’s all included.

Gel removals

Don’t worry about safely removing gels on your own at home. Our technique is gentle, protective, and never extra.

Don’t just take our word for it

Camila B.

"I’m a new member and I am so pleased with the efficiency and professional environment, cleanliness etc! Excited for more locations!"

Emily D.

"The staff is by far the most friendly and helpful staff I have ever encountered." 

Sofia M.

"The space is clean, light, and beautiful and the technicians are efficient and wonderful."

Nicole F.

"The services are so quick, but still come out incredible. I always leave GLOSSLAB in the best mood." 

Ana S.

"My go - to shop when I need a quick efficient manicure + pedicure!"

Paola J.

"I love how the nail designs turned out and the team was so helpful in finding the colors I was looking for." 

Andrea C.
"The place is flawless, as usual!"
Elizabeth T.
"The front of house was super accommodating and gracious. Lovely crew to be around. My technician was also fabulous. How does the polish here dry so fast??"
Alex T.
"The attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched!!!"
Natalie B.
"I really appreciate that the nail technician paid attention to detail and did a great job with my holiday nail design." 

Only at glosslab



A polished life is a clean one, so waterless services, hospital-grade sterilization, single-use tools, and clean air filtration are our basics.