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We're clean freaks: hospital-grade sterilization, single-use tools, and advanced air filtration are only some of the ways we put hygiene first.


Better for your nails. Better for the environment. Faster services. No plumbing needed.


Unlimited manis + pedis and added perks makes this recurring model the best community to be a part of.

Nail Experts
Nail Experts

Our team's expertise and training are setting a new standard in nail care.

our press

"NYC-based nail studio GLOSSLAB is thriving thanks to its unique waterless services."

"Rachel Glass founded chic unlimited mani-pedi salon GLOSSLAB, which counts Niel Patrick Harris and Jennifer Garner as fans. The beauty guru agrees that a waterless manicure is the way to go, whether you're using regular polish or gel."

"If you are on TikTok or IG, and you have seen celebrities and influencers getting their nails done, they are most likely at GLOSSLAB. GLOSSLAB is the new “it” spot for manicures and any celebrity sightings."

"This Busy Hedge Fund Fundraiser Was in Constant Need of Quick and Clean Manicures. So She Built Her Own Membership-Based Nail Studio to Get the Job Done."

"For products, they focus on both performance and clean formulas. They launched their Gel Eraser earlier this year which is game-changing in gel polish removal.  The most damaging part of gel manicures is the removal – acetone soak and then scraping on nails. Their Gel Eraser applies like a clear polish and the gel polish literally bubbles off! It has sold out 3 times this year and has a cult following!"

"GLOSSLAB was in 2018 with hygiene being top of mind. We have always been more hygienic with waterless manicures and cashless, touch-free checkout. Going forward, beauty will be even more efficiency-driven. People will want to get their nails and hair done as a ‘need,’ more than they’ll want a day at the spa"

How we support you

Comprehensive training, development and design along with extensive ongoing support will set you up for success as a GLOSSLAB franchise owner.

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